Winter Driving Safety Tips from Car Accident Lawyer

Severe weather can be extremely dangerous for those who find themselves on the road. With reduced visibility, increased rate of storms appearing and slippery roads, getting to where you are going can be a bit difficult.

Nearly half a million car crashes occur every year due to an extreme weather condition, and every winter, about 2,500 people die as a result of a car accident.

Without knowing how to drive safely, it may be best to remain at home and wait for the conditions to improve. However, if you have to travel, here are some safety tips that will help increase your chances of arriving safely at a target destination.

Slow Down As Much As You Can

Speed is one of the factors that contribute to the number of car accidents that happen every year. When driving over a slippery or sloppy road, the faster you, the higher the chance of you getting involved in a car accident.

In addition, it will be harder to control your vehicle and easier to lose control of it, and you do not want any of those things to happen to you while on the road.

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Remember to slow down as much as you can without impeding the traffic. That will increase your vehicle’s traction and help you maintain control.

Use Proper Lights

All motor vehicles have different types of lights that can be used based on the situation. If you encounter a dense fog, use fog lights to light the way. Be sure to use proper lights, without putting other drivers in danger. If you are driving during the night, using high-beams can increase your visibility, but will blind the oncoming driver. Be sure to keep turning them on and off to increase your visibility and not to blind other drivers.

Warm Up Your Engine

Before leaving your garage for work, warm up your car a bit, especially if you are driving children or if the outside temperature is too low. This will help you get warm up, and prevent you from freezing. Hot temperature improves your blood flow and gives you better focus and the ability to think.

Get Winter Tires

If your winter tires are old or you are using your summer tires, be sure to switch to your winter tires as soon as possible. This will provide your vehicle with better traction, and prevent it from sliding and losing control.

Many accidents happen due to worn out tires. If you happen to get injured in a car accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, consult with our Personal Injury Attorneys right away. They will help you evaluate your damages and help you secure the right compensation.

Other things you should do before going for a ride in winter:

  • Stack up on antifreeze
  • Fuel up your vehicle
  • Bring a blanket inside the vehicle (just in case)
  • Have proper equipment in your trunk (for tire change)
  • Check your oil levels