Why Virginia is one of the Most Dangerous States For Pedestrians

Why Virginia is one of the Most Dangerous States For Pedestrians

Virginia is one of the most deadliest states in the United States based on the number of pedestrians killed in accidents. Every year, this number is anywhere between 100 and 200, but in 2018, it was just below 200.

This is a serious problem for many that are used to walking and commuting to work on foot. So what exactly makes Virginia so dangerous for pedestrians, and why is it one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians?

Personal Injury Attorney in Virginia explains why there are many different factors that come into consideration, and altogether, cause so many pedestrians to die as a result of accidents. Here is everything that you need to know about pedestrian accidents in Virginia, and the things that make it one of the deadliest states to walk in.


According to the law, every pedestrian is only allowed to cross the street at a marked crosswalk. However, that does not necessarily mean that every pedestrian will follow that rule. When in a hurry, people will try to do everything just to beat the clock. That even includes crossing the street in the middle of it. Yes, some people are foolishly crazy enough and will attempt to cross the street where they should not. And sadly, many of these people will end up injured, hospitalized or dead.

High Number of Car Accidents

When a state has a high number of car accidents, it is only logical that the number of pedestrian accidents and deaths will rise as well. According to the Highway Safety Report, Virginia is in the top 10 states by the number of car accidents, and in the top 3 by the number of pedestrian accidents.

This only shows that many pedestrians in Virginia barely pay attention to traffic laws and regulations, and rely on their own instincts when it comes to crossing the street.

Other information suggests that the majority of pedestrian deaths happen at night, with the reasons being:

  • Poor visibility
  • Drunk pedestrians
  • Reckless behavior
  • Jaywalking

If you are a pedestrian in Virginia, be sure to pay extreme attention to the incoming traffic, cross the street only at marked crosswalks and always look both left and right (several times) before crossing the street to be 100 percent sure that a car is not speeding towards you.

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