Who Covers Your Bills After A Car Accident?

Who Covers Your Bills After A Car Accident?

Almost every car accident ends up with someone getting hurt. Injuries can vary from a light cut to getting hospitalized for a concussion or internal bleeding. In the worst case scenario, someone dies.

Car accidents are responsible for taking over 100,000 lives every year in the US. They (can) happen every day and to everyone. The most common question asked after a car accident is – Who pays for the medical bills?

They talked with Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers and found out some useful information that will help you understand how medical coverage works and who is responsible for covering the medical bills of the car-accident victim.

The General Rule

After a car accident, the victim will usually seek a settlement and try to recover damages for the injuries sustained. Medical bills are usually included in these damages. However, medical bills usually keep occurring over time, and the person responsible for causing the accident is not responsible for covering all of them.

In a “no-fault” state, the person who caused the accident is not responsible for covering your medical bills on an ongoing basis. Their insurance company will try and settle your initial costs and medical bills, but your own health insurance will have to cover for your ongoing medical costs.

The damages that you obtain through a lawsuit or negotiations with the insurance company will cover for your initial costs, which are usually:

  • Medical costs
  • Car repair
  • Pain and suffering (in some cases)

The remaining medical costs that come up as time goes by are your own obligation, unfortunately. For that reason, it is always a good option to have a life insurance, or a good health insurance, one that will help you deal with the upcoming medical bills following an accident. Speak with your insurance company and find out which the best health insurance is.

Another thing related to “no-fault” states is the maximum limit that you can receive for your medical costs after a car accident. This limit is generally around $10,000 or less, depending on the state. If your medical bills exceed this amount, you will have to compensate the rest out of your pocket.

Non “no-fault” States

In states that do not have any fault insurance, you have to cover your own medical bills. It is important to have any type of medical insurance coverage. In case you do, the insurance will cover for all damages of the driver and every other passenger in the vehicle, up to the limit provided. Again, the limit is usually $10,000 or less, depending on the state. And once again, if the total medical bills exceed this amount, you will have to pay the rest out of your own pocket. Speak with Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles and find out how you can protect yourself from having to pay for the medical bills after a car accident and learn what the best course of action is. Schedule your free consultation today.