What Will You Do After Slip & Fall Accident In Christmas Shopping?

What Will You Do After Slip & Fall Accident In Christmas Shopping?

It is that time of the year when everyone is euphoric about the Holiday season. Parking lots are full, the stores are crowded and there are people everywhere. At one point, you will want to go shopping. After looking for a parking slot, you will eventually find one and start walking towards the store. The chances are that you may slip and fall, and injure yourself as a result. What do you do next?

Slip and fall accidents are extremely common, especially during winter and Holiday season. There are too many people, the weather conditions are usually extreme and water and snow are everywhere. If you find yourself injured as a result of a slip and fall, be sure to get in touch with personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia and receive a free evaluation and legal support. 

Here are a few steps that you should take right after getting involved in a slip and fall accident.

Seek Medical Help

Your health is your main concern. As soon as you received the injury, go see a doctor right away. Have someone give you a ride, or catch a cab if you came alone. If you are unable to move and believe your injury is serious, either scream for help or call 911. 

Once you get to the hospital, do not think about the medical bills; instead, let the doctors do their job and treat your injuries completely. The doctor’s report will play a major role in helping you receive compensation for your injuries later on.

Report The Accident

As soon as you are able to, report the accident to the store owner. If the accident happened inside a store or on the parking lot, you need to let the manager or the owner know that you suffered an accident. Ask the manager (or the landlord) to write a report, and request a copy of it.

Do Not Give Any Statements

If you are asked to give your statement, choose to remain quiet until you consult with your attorney. Also, do not use your social media accounts to post about the accident or your injuries. Do not place blame or accuse anyone, and remain calm and quiet until you speak with an experienced attorney first.

Call Your Attorney

Do you have a personal injury attorney on speed dial? If not, it is time to put one. Not sure who to call? Our personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia will gladly help you deal with your injuries. Simply give us a call, schedule your initial consultation (completely free of charge) and receive a free case evaluation. Once our attorneys have evaluated your case, you will know exactly what to do next and whether or not you are eligible to file a personal injury claim. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to guide you through the process and to help you file a successful claim. Do not hesitate to give us a call right after getting injured. The sooner, the better.