What Types of Complications Can Arise in Personal injury Claims?

What Types of Complications Can Arise in Personal injury Claims?

If you received an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. There are different types of personal injury claims:

In the majority of cases, most personal injury claims settle outside of the court. However, there are some complications that may occur from time to time, causing problems for both the plaintiff and the defendant. Here are a few possible complications that may occur in a personal injury claim.

Lack of Evidence

The worst thing that can happen to a plaintiff when filing a personal injury claim is a lack of evidence. Without it, it may be impossible to prove negligence, which immediately results in not-so-good-results. Basically, if you cannot prove negligence and that you are not responsible for causing the injuries you sustained, you may risk losing your claim.

A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney may help you investigate the case and hopefully help you find the evidence that you need. Do not hesitate to schedule your free consultation and to learn everything about personal injury claims.

Refusing To Settle

What if you are offered a good deal, but you simply refuse to settle? Or what if the insurance company or the other party involved refuses to settle? In that case, things have to get a bit more complicated. Once you involve the court, several things will happen for sure:

  • It will take longer for the whole process to finish
  • It is going to cost more money
  • It is going to be more exhausting and stressful
  • Even if you win, it will take some time to receive your claim

With that in mind, you may want to speak with a knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles before you do anything to jeopardize your claim. Surely there is a way to settle, all you have to do is have someone with proper negotiation skills and legal knowledge by your side protecting your best interests.

Inexperienced Attorney

Another complication that may arise from your personal injury claim refers to your attorney. If you hire an inexperienced attorney to represent you, you will most likely end up losing your claim or getting less than you actually deserve. This means that you can lose it all, or get barely enough to cover one part of your bills.

When choosing an attorney, you have to take many things into consideration. No experienced attorney will guarantee you success unless they are absolutely sure that you have strong evidence supporting your claim. Feel free to talk to several different attorneys, seek their opinion and test their willingness to help you protect your best interest.

Know that our offices are always open for those in need and that our seasoned and experienced attorneys will always do their best to protect your best interests. The initial consultation is completely free, so feel free to give him a call and schedule one.