What to do when your teenager has been arrested in Drunk Driving?

What to do when your teenager has been arrested in Drunk Driving?

It is every parent’s nightmare to receive a call from the police. The first thing they are scared of is their child’s safety. As a parent, you should know that not all teenagers are kind and nice. There are those that simply do not care about anything or anyone, and have puberty to blame for.

But what happens if you receive a call, saying that your child has been arrested for drunk driving? Here are some tips that will help you deal with the situation in the best way possible.

Calm Down

Even though your instinct tells you to freak out, please try and calm down. Take several deep breaths, and rethink things through. You will not be of much help if you start panicking and yelling at your child the moment you enter the police station.

Instead, try and understand what caused this to happen. Find out what happened and how it happened, and talk to your child. Do not treat your child as a child. Do not be quick to make judgments, and remain open-minded until you get to the bottom of it.

If you yell at your child, it is more likely to make similar mistakes again in the future. If you are too kind to it, you will not have any results. But if you are just in between, kind and serious at the same time, letting your child know that what he did was serious while at the same time showing compassion and understanding, your child will learn from it and probably never do it again.

If you are facing legal problems, you should consider contacting DUI Attorneys in Salt Lake City as they may be your only way out of the situation.

Show Some Respect

Once you arrive at the police station, talk to the officers who arrested your child and find out how things played out. Be respectful towards the police, and critical towards your child. Do not let your anger and disappointment overwhelm you and remain polite and kind. That will increase your chances of getting out with your child by your side.

You Are Not Your Child’s Representative

No matter what, do not act as your child’s lawyer. Unless you are a lawyer by profession, do not speak with the police for longer than you have to. Do not discuss your child’s rights, and do not say anything that can hurt your child’s case. Instead, call Salt Lake City DUI Attorneys and let them handle things for you. They have experience in dealing with DUI cases and will help your child get out in no time. Not only that, but they may also reduce or drop the charges, depending on the circumstances. Perhaps the officer forgot to read the rights to your child or to perform a field sobriety test in the right way. All these things can help your child, and only a skilled attorney will know how to get to the bottom of the situation.

Be strong, respectful and understanding of the situation. It happened, there is no going back. You cannot change the past, but you can certainly write the future. Do not do or say anything that you or your child will later regret.