What Offenses Can I Be Charged With In Conjunction with a DUI Stop

What Offenses Can I Be Charged With In Conjunction with a DUI Stop

Every individual who is pulled over or arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol is in a very bad spot. It is a serious offense, one that usually involves fines and charges.

Over 10,000 people die each year as a result of driving under the influence, and over 350,000 are injured. That is almost one-third of all traffic-related deaths. 1 in 3 people is involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime.

The chances are that you or someone you know could be next. Here is everything you need to know about the offenses and charges that you or a loved one will face after getting arrested for DUI.

Jail Time

Every individual who is arrested for driving under the influence will most likely spend the night in jail. Some people are kept for longer than just one night, depending on what they caused while driving under the influence. If the driver is simply pulled over for DUI, he will spend the night in jail; however, if the driver caused the accident which resulted in someone getting injured or killed, that individual will spend some time in jail, usually until trial, where it is decided if the accused is guilty or not guilty). If proven guilty, the individual will go to prison.

Suspended or Taken Driver’s License

After getting pulled for DUI and tested, if it is proven that the person had alcohol in their blood (over the maximum allowed amount), that person will probably have their driver’s license suspended or completely canceled, depending on several factors:

  • If this was not their first DUI stop
  • If the alcohol level was just over the maximum
  • If the individual is underage
  • If the individual has previously been pulled over for DUI

If any of these factors are checked, the penalties, fines, and charges will increase. Speak with Salt Lake City DUI Attorney if your loved one was pulled over for DUI. He/she is going to need strong legal representation.

Note: Driver’s License suspension can be anywhere from 3 to 12 months. The arresting officer may confiscate the arrested individual’s driver’s license immediately after making the arrest.

DUI on Record Means Higher Insurance Premiums

Every person with a DUI charge on their record will face the same problem – higher premiums when paying for car insurance. Since car insurance is a must in almost every state within the U.S., paying high insurance fees can be quite expensive.

Probation and Alcohol Education Program

Many DUI offenders are placed on probation and required to attend a formal alcohol education program. Depending on the situation and where and how the offender was pulled over, the program could be more intense and last way longer than expected. On top of that, the offender will have to pay for the program, and his/her presence will be monitored.

Call DUI Attorney in Salt Lake City right after getting pulled over for DUI. Your only chance is to act immediately, so use your free phone call and call Jardine Law offices right away.