What is my option to Recover Compensation for Stress Related Injuries at Work

What is my option to Recover Compensation for Stress Related Injuries at Work

How To Recover Compensation for Stress Related Injuries at Work?

Almost every workplace is filled with a certain type of stress. Whether it is emotional or physical stress, it may result in an injury.

These injuries range from a repetitive movement that causes muscles strain (which may later lead to the development of Carpal tunnel Syndrome), and emotional stress which may cause headaches and depression.

If you believe that you received an injury or developed a condition as a result of stress, you may be able to receive workers compensation benefits. Listed below is everything you need to know about stress-induced injuries and how to seek compensation for them.

The Emotional Stress

A lot of individuals succumb to the stress of working under pressure. Once stress becomes too much to handle, people start having emotional problems. These problems can reflect and manifest in many different ways; some of them include:

  • Loss of creativity
  • Depression
  • Lack of sleep (a sleep disorder)
  • Loss of focus

The problem with emotional stress injuries is that they are hard to prove. Everyone who wants to file for workers compensation benefits based on the emotional stress injury has to be able to provide specific evidence which shows that you were working under extreme conditions and were constantly pressured by your employer.

When evaluating the claim, the insurance companies tend to take different life factors into consideration and relate this stress to those factors. That way, they accuse other life situations of causing stress and your emotional injury.

You have to speak with a knowledgeable Los Angeles Stress-Related-Injury Attorney before you file a claim based on the emotional stress. Otherwise, you could be just wasting your time.

Physical Stress Injury

These types of injuries are easily distinguished and identified. After receiving a physical injury, you have to report it to your superiors within the statute of limitations (30 days in California). After that, you should speak with an attorney and file a claim in order to receive your worker’s compensation benefits. These benefits (if granted) will cover your:

  • Medical costs
  • 2/3 of your lost wages
  • Permanent disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation

The best thing to do is act right away; as soon as you are injured, speak with your employer and tell him/her of your injury. After that, ask for a list of appointed doctors (visiting another doctor may leave you without compensation for your medical costs) and see one immediately.

Once you are feeling better, contact our Stress-Related-Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles and seek their help and legal representation. Rest assured that our attorneys are seasoned professionals with over 100 years of combined experience. They will start working on your claim, and help you secure the highest compensation possible for your stress-related injuries.

Even if the initial claim is denied, our attorneys will file an appeal with the Board, and they will not stop until you have received what you are owed. Contact us today, and schedule your free initial consultation with no legal obligations of hiring us afterward.