What is an Employer Required To Do For Injured Employees?

What is an Employer Required To Do For Injured Employees?

If you are an employer managing a (small) company and employees, you have certain responsibilities towards those employees. One of them is related to the injuries your employees may sustain. When that happens, it is your job as an employer to stand up and take care of the situation, as every responsible employer should.

Listed below are the things you are required to do after one (or more) of your employees suffers an injury from a work-related accident.

Providing a Safe Working Environment

First and foremost, your job as an employer is to provide all your workers with a safe working environment. This means that you should reduce or completely remove the risks of any potential injuries or accidents. If an employee gets injured, it is your responsibility to take care of that employee. Here is what you should do, right after the injury, assuming that you were notified of it within the given period (usually 30 days):

  • Speak With your employee to see how the injury came to be
  • Advise your employee to go to the hospital
  • Make the First Report of Injury
  • Complete all the information in it
  • Forward it to your worker’s compensation carrier

It is your job to ensure that no rules or regulations are being violated. If your injured employee needs immediate medical assistance, be sure to help them get one as quickly as possible. Also, provide them with a leave so that they can go and see the company’s doctor.

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Cooperate With the Insurance Carrier

It is your job to work together with your insurance carrier and the insurance company’s attorneys. Investigate the matter and get to the bottom of the situation. Try and find out how the injury came to be, what caused the accident and who was involved in it. Ask all of your employees who were at the scene about what they have seen or done, where they were at the time of the accident and try and collect enough information to determine the cause of the injury.

Return To Work

Once your employee has fully healed, you are responsible for welcoming him/her back to work. You have no right to terminate, penalize or move them to another position due to their injury or condition. However, if your employee cannot perform the same duties as before, you are to provide the employee with retraining, and if possible, offer the employee a new working position (if one is available).

Workers’ Compensation Board

The board will contact you in order to determine whether or not the employee is committing a fraud. Your job is to assist them and assist your employee at the same time by forwarding the claim. You have to balance, as you need to play for both sides. Be sure to know the rules and responsibilities of an employer, and for all additional information concerning the worker’s compensation, contact knowledgeable Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorney and schedule your free consultation.