What Documents Your Lawyer Needs for your Auto Accident Case?

Cleveland Car Accident Attorneys

Every person should know the basics of dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. There are some things that should be done right away, which could later influence that party’s chances of successfully obtaining compensation.

Most people do not act properly after getting involved in a car accident. If you ever wondered what are the things that you should do right after getting involved in an accident, here are the most important ones:

  • Call the police
  • Go to the hospital
  • Call your attorney

Here is why you should do those 3 things, and what documents your attorney needs to help you win your case.

The Importance of Police Report

When you call 911 after an accident, the police will arrive and help you deal with the accident. They will take statements from all parties involved, including the witnesses. The officer will then create a report, and you will be able to obtain a copy of it. Your attorney will use the report as evidence supporting your case. In addition, you could obtain valuable information such as:

  • The name of the witness who saw the accident
  • additional information about the accident (weather, road conditions, traffic signs)

Medical Report

When you visit the hospital right after the accident, a medical professional will take care of your injuries. In addition, the doctor will prescribe you with the right medication, diagnose your condition and help you prevent any future conditions or injuries (that could have been caused by the accident). After that, the doctor will write a medical report of your case. Your attorney could obtain a copy of the report and use it as essential evidence, proving your injuries and linking the to the accident.

If you have no attorney to call, be sure to check in with our Cleveland Cleveland Car accident attorneys today. Give us a call, schedule a free initial consultation and learn how you can file a car accident claim in order to obtain your compensation.

Copy of Your Car’s Insurance Policy

Another thing your attorney will need is a copy of your insurance policy. With it, the attorney will determine the type of coverage that you have, and the amount that you can obtain. In addition, you should provide your attorney with a copy of your medical insurance.


After the accident, it is important to snap a few photos if you are able to. These could be used as valid evidence and may help the investigation.

If you can, take a photo of:

  • your vehicle
  • the other vehicle involved (license plate, car model, damage)
  • your injuries
  • the surrounding area
  • any traffic signs surrounding the accident

Talk to witnesses and see if they took photos of the accident (perhaps from a different angle?). In case your injuries prevent you from taking a few photos, ask nicely anyone who is at the scene to do it on your behalf. Our Personal Injury Lawyers advise you to give someone your phone number and ask that person to send you the photos.

Together with the police report and a medical report, these will provide your attorney with enough evidence to help your case and secure your compensation.