Wet Weather And Car Accidents In Florida

Wet Weather And Car Accidents In Florida

Slippery roads are dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. As a pedestrian, slip and fall accidents are inevitable. All it takes is one moment of carelessness and you will end up in the hospital.

The same goes for driving on slippery roads; making one mistake could cost you your life. When driving on (or during) a rainy day, you have to be aware of potential hazards.

Here are some safety tips to help protect you from getting into a car accident when driving on slippery roads.

Keep A Safe Distance

Rule number one when driving on potentially dangerous weather is to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Make sure to put at least twice your car’s length in distance between you and the car in front of you in order to be able to immediately break if necessary. Getting too close to the other car may result in a car accident. You never know when they may hit the breaks, and if you are right behind them, even if you hit the brake, your car will slide and probably hit theirs.

If an accident does happen while you are driving in the rainy weather, be sure to get in touch with their Miami car accident attorneys (in case you don’t have an attorney on speed dial). They will immediately investigate your case, and if proven to be a victim, help you receive the compensation for:

  • Your medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Injuries sustained
  • Damages did to your property

Call immediately, and let a team of experienced professionals deal with the legal aspect of your case.

Slow Down

Potentially dangerous weather conditions are not the time to be speeding down the highway. Since the visibility is extremely low, to ensure maximum safety, you should slow down as much as it is allowed. Getting where you are going is the most important thing, and even if you are a bit late for work, your boss should understand that safety comes first. Besides, you could always leave earlier for work in order to compensate for the loss of speed.

Know that it is speed and lack of focus that are causing the accidents to happen in these extreme situations. It is extremely important to watch the speed limit and keep all eyes on the road.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

If you live in Florida, you know the importance of having a pair of perfectly working windshield wipers. The blazing sun will burn down the rubber on the wipers, making them useless after only six months of usage. For that reason, all drivers should replace their windshield wipers every four to six months. Cleaning your wipers is extremely important. Even though it sounds like a small issue, it can cause a big problem.

If you find yourself in a car accident, no matter what caused it, you should contact their car accident attorneys as quickly as you can. They will help you deal with the aftermath of the accident an help you get the settlement for the injuries sustained due to someone else’s negligence.