Ways To Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents

The majority of motorcycle accidents happen at high speed. As most motorcycles are designed to travel extremely fast, many riders start feeling comfortable with their bikes after a while and like to “test” the bike. Sadly, this is where things usually go wrong. Most people who enjoy the speed and adrenaline find their way to the hospital very soon. The faster the motorcycle goes, the harder it is to see in front of you and more difficult it is to control the bike.

At the same time, other vehicles can be responsible for causing a motorcycle accident. Here are the most common motorcycle accident and tips on how to avoid them.

A Car Turns Left In Front of You

The most common motorcycle accident is the one involving a car turning left right in front of you. If the driver failed to spot you or judged your speed correctly, the chances are that you will end up in a direct collision with the side of their vehicle. Other reasons why the driver turned left could be related to distraction and lack of focus, blind spots, and even the driver’s current psychological condition.

The only way to avoid such accidents is to slow down near crossroads and intersections and to try and see it coming. If you always assume that someone will take a left turn, simply slow down as you are approaching an intersection.

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Entering a Corner Too Fast

These type of accidents happen every day. Young and especially inexperienced drivers tend to enter corners way too fast, leading to a wipeout. The only way to prevent these accidents is by riding slower and being extremely careful when going around corners.

Another danger posed by corners is gravel, tall grass, sand, leaves or another obstacle. When taking a (blind) corner, be sure to control your vehicle, and expect the unexpected. If you go in blind, you will end up on your back or stomach, with your motorcycle sliding next to you.

Read End Collision

It is no secret that many motorcyclists get hit by careless and distracted drivers. If you came to a complete stop at a sign or a crosswalk or an intersection to avoid hitting pedestrians, the car behind you may not see the pedestrians and may not expect you to stop. All of a sudden, you may find yourself flying several dozens of feet in front of you.

These injuries can have serious consequences both for the rider and the pedestrians in front. The only way to avoid these accidents is to signal the driver behind you to slow down (with an open palm) as you start to slow down.

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