Do you want to be legally separated for a divorce?

Do you want to be legally separated for a divorce?

There comes a day when the merciless storms of life may hit your marriage breaking it into pieces. Some people may rush to glue the broken pieces while others may want to take it slowly. It may seem like a divorce is the only option out there for couples struggling in their marriage but it’s actually not. There is an another approach that will provide you with several benefits not available when you file for a divorce. It’s a good way to test the waters before actually getting in them. You can have a legal separation while you wait for a divorce. A Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney can explain in more details what’s this approach all about.

What is a legal separation?

This is a way to put your marriage on hold. But why would you do that? Because as you start your independent lives, split your finances, responsibilities with your children, and live in separate homes, you will realize how this may be a better option. You will have to put together a legal separation agreement with the court. This agreement can be a rehearsal for your divorce as a divorce is very similar. In both the legal separation and divorce agreement, you will take into consideration your assets and children.

Why a legal separation?

There are many reasons why you will choose a legal separation over a divorce:

  • When you know your marriage has reached a dead end but you still need to figure out some things and take some steps that will protect your finances.
  • When you come from a religious background and your religion forbids a divorce.
  • If you still want to keep your spouse’s health insurance. Remember, a divorce will end all coverage.
  • When you want to continue filing taxes together and receive the usual benefits this entails.
  • If you want to receive military benefits from your spouse. You need to be married for at least 10 years in order to receive such benefits as well as Social Security benefits.
  • It will protect you from desertion or abandonment, generally a ground for divorce.

Decisions decisions

These decisions are never easy. Whether you choose a legal separation or a divorce, it’s good you have a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney guiding you every step of the way. There are several circumstances in which a legal separation is the best approach while the couple waits for a divorce. This is particularly true when children are involved.  In cases when one of the spouses wants to remarry, this may not be a good option. It all depends on what’s the next chapter in your life. If you are concerned about your children and financial stability, a legal separation will definitely work best for you as you will be able to reap the benefits of a divorce and still keep the financial benefits of being married. During a legal separation, you can live separate lives and get divorced later on if that’s what you both wish. Contact the The Law Office Of Gustavo E Frances PA today and schedule your Free initial consultation today.