Trump’s New Policy to Make Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits Even Harder

Trump’s New Policy to Make Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits Even Harder

Under the Trump administration, states will be allowed to require Medicaid recipients to participate in a work program in order to receive their healthcare benefits.

The news comes during a government shutdown, which began at midnight Saturday after Republicans and Democrats failed to agree on a funding deal. And while the shutdown is not expected to have a negative impact on Social Security and disability checks, which will still go out, there are still bad news for U.S. workers receiving Social Security and disability checks.

While the Trump administration announced there would be exceptions for the disabled, our social security disability attorneys at Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach warn that allowing states to have sole discretion in the eligibility process could have terrible consequences for people obtaining social security disability benefits.

In particular, low-income people could be affected the worst by the new work requirement, as less lower-wage Americans will now have access to healthcare.

What the Trump administration’s plan means for the disabled
Following the Trump administration’s announcement earlier this month, reports revealed that states will be able to take it upon themselves to decide who qualifies as a “disabled” person and who doesn’t. This will allow states to have sole discretion in deciding who will be exempt from the work requirement.

While this factor alone doesn’t necessarily mean that all states, including California, will intentionally prevent thousands or dozens of thousands of the disabled from obtaining social security disability benefits, there will still be many disabled people who do not qualify for the exemption, our Los Angeles social security disability attorneys warn.

Even before the proposed requirement, the standard for social security disability eligibility in the Social Security Administration have been quite strict. Even the most obviously disabled people, who cannot work anymore and cannot afford the costly medical treatment, have to go through several appeals in order to finally qualify for social security disability benefits.

The new work requirements could bring even more chaos to the social security disability eligibility process, as more disabled people in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California – who should be entitled to social security benefits – will have to fight for coverage outside and in courts.

This means the demand for social security disability lawyers will rise sharply in the coming months and years, as it can be predicted that thousands of disabled people will be denied or delayed social security benefits, and will therefore have to take legal action to either speed up the process or order to reevaluate their social security disability eligibility.

How to obtain social security disability benefits without having to wait for years?When not being legally represented by a Los Angeles social security disability attorney, disabled workers in Los Angeles and California risk aggravating their injuries and disability.

Our skilled lawyers at Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach explain that it’s not uncommon for the disabled to get even sicker and aggravate their condition during the appeals process and social security disability eligibility process.

The new requirements could increase the number of people stuck in a grey area and waiting for the eligibility process to play out. And then, when the final decision comes, not only could their injuries and disability get worse, but also the healthcare and treatment for their injuries could get much more expensive.

That’s why it’s highly advised to speak to a social security disability attorney to maximize your chances of obtaining social security benefits and make sure that the eligibility process doesn’t take years to obtain the benefits.

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