The Most Common Causes of Truck Wrecks

The Most Common Causes of Truck Wrecks

The worst types of accidents are those involving huge trucks. Because of their size and their heavy load, they are giants on the roads and the kings of traffic. Almost every truck accident ends up with at least one person dead or hospitalized.

Semi and commercial trucks are the key elements of America’s economic growth. Because of their value, many companies employ more trucks every year. The roads are crowded with trucks going up and down the state, 24/7. With that many trucks on the roads, accidents are imminent.

Here are the most common causes of truck wrecks, and how to potentially avoid them.

Exhaustion and Fatigue

Probably the number one cause of all truck accidents is exhaustion. Some drivers are known to drive up to 700 miles in one day. Covering that much ground is exhausting, and without proper rest and sleep, the driver will enter the stage of extreme fatigue and dizziness. Eventually, mistakes will start to occur and one could cause an accident.

On top of that, the driver could fall asleep behind the wheel. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one in every 5 truck accidents resulted from the exhausted driver, where one in 9 resulted from a driver falling asleep.

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Alcohol and Drugs

Many truckers are notorious for consuming heavy alcohol every once in a while. Combined with driving, it gives a deadly combination. However, certain in their driving skills, most drivers will neglect the fact the alcohol could cause them to end up in a disastrous accident. They will consume liquor and continue to drive. In such a condition, it is only a matter of time before they find themselves involved in an accident.

The same goes with drugs; at first, it may seem like a cool idea, but once the drugs start kicking in, they will take their toll.

All drivers who are pulled over for alcohol or drug abuse are restrained and risk losing their license. At the same time, their cargo is late and they end up losing more than they could afford.

Overspeeding and Poor Truck Maintenance

Driving under the speed limit is sometimes too hard for many truckers, as they are constantly on the clock to arrive at a target destination. For that reason, many drivers push the “pedal to the metal” and hope for the best.

Speeding was always one of the main causes of accidents, and trucks are no different than other motor vehicles.

On the other hand, a poorly maintained truck is more likely to end up in an accident than the truck that has been maintained properly over time. Before going on the next trip, always check for oil leaks, check your tires, hydraulics and your oil level.

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