The 7 Most Common Injuries Suffered In a Bike Accident

The 7 Most Common Injuries Suffered In a Bike Accident

Most motorcycle accidents involve at least one injured individual. Even in cases where the rider slipped or fell off the motorcycle, he will be the one injured. According to the data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 13 to 14 percent of all motorcycle accidents end with fatal consequences. And when a motorcycle hits another vehicle (usually a car), the rider has 35 times higher chance of dying than the passenger in the vehicle.

Even when the outcome is not fatal, the injuries can be severe and life-changing. Read on to learn more about the most common injuries suffered in a bike accident.

Head Injuries

The most common injury obtained from a motorcycle accident is definitely a head injury. Even wearing a protective helmet will not prevent serious injuries from happening while colliding with another vehicle at a high speed. Every injury to the head can be life-threatening; the most common ones involve:

Neck Injury

Human neck is very gentle and sensitive, and every sudden motion can cause severe damage to the neck area. Whiplash and other neck damages are common among everyone who survived a motorcycle accident. Wearing a helmet can significantly increase the protection to the head and neck, but they are still exposed to serious injuries. If you got injured in a motorcycle accident, feel free to contact our Pittsburgh motorcycle accident attorneys. They could help you obtain compensation if you are not responsible for causing the accident.

(Road) Rash

Any motorcyclist who was ever thrown off the motorcycle knows what a road rash is. Sliding down across the pavement can cause some serious skin irritation, nerve damage, and infection. Wearing protective jeans with Teflon coating could help reduce the damages, but may cost at a higher price.

Cuts and Bruises

Regardless of the type of accident, cuts and bruises are almost always present. Even if the accident was not serious, the chances are that one of the parties received several cuts and(or) bruises. These are considered to be minor injuries but should be treated immediately to prevent any infection from occurring.

Muscle Damage

Literally, any injury from a motorcycle accident could cause muscle damage. If the arms and legs were exposed at the time of the accident, there is a high chance that the rider will suffer serious muscle damage and may require one or multiple surgeries.

Biker’s Arm

Motorcycles do not have seatbelts, so when an accident occurs, the rider is usually thrown off the motorcycle. Every human’s instinct is to use the arms to protect the head and body from the impact. And thus, the arm will take all the damage. After a few minor accidents with the same results, the biker may develop a “biker’s arm”.

Facial Injuries

If the motorcyclist hits an obstacle or another vehicle with the head first, there is a high chance that the helmet’s visor may shatter, causing serious facial injuries. These accidents are rare but do occur from time to time. If you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident, our Motorcycle accident attorneys in Pittsburgh can help you obtain the compensation. Give us a call today and schedule your free initial consultation to learn more about eligibility and how you can recover compensation for your damages.