How to Tell the Kids about Divorce without Breaking their Heart?

How to Tell the Kids about Divorce without Breaking their Heart?

Is there an easy way to tell your children that you are divorcing? The answer is no. No matter what you say, you will hurt their feelings. However, there are ways in which you may “help them understand” the situation you and your spouse are in.
If you carefully approach the subject (and in the right way), your child may understand. It may not agree with it, but it will understand why you are doing it and may accept it sooner. Here is how you can tell your kids that you are divorcing, without breaking their heart.

Make Sure You Tell Them All At The Same Time

It doesn’t matter if you have one kid or two kids, or five kids, if you plan on divorcing, gather all of them together and tell them all what is going on. This is something you and your spouse should do together, your “final act” as a couple. Think it through with your spouse, and find a way to approach the subject without hurting anyone’s feelings.
The best way to do it is by telling them that you love them all so much and that you will always be their mommy and daddy. After that, choose a way to let them know what is going on.

Tell Them How the Future Will Look Like

Upon hearing of divorce, kids tend to panic, thinking that they will get separated and have to grow up without each other. As a loving parent, it is your job to talk to your spouse and find a way to keep your children together at all time. The most common mistake is to split your children so that each of the parents gets custody of a child.
Please avoid doing this, as nothing will hurt a child like having to grow up without the love and friendship of its siblings.
Develop a custody plan, where both of you will get to spend time with your children. Keep them united, and at one parent at a time.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys suggest that you and your spouse commit to it, and accept the blame and criticism for your past actions. Leave everything behind you, and do it for your children’s sake. They need both of their parents while growing up, and it is your job to make that happen.

Think About What You Are Going To Say

This is not something you can just go out and say. If it is not carefully planned, every wrong word that comes out of your mouth will leave a permanent scar in your child’s heart.
Develop a plan and make sure that you and your spouse don’t blame or attack each other. This is the time where both of you have to show love for your children and have to communicate with them effectively. Call our Divorce Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale and let them help you go through a divorce an protect your best interests. No matter what your spouse says, he/she will have an attorney present when the time comes. Give us a call today, and hire one yourself.