Study Found That Los Angeles Drivers Are the Rudest

Study Found That Los Angeles Drivers Are the Rudest

In every part of the world, people use cars as the main type of transportation. In the past several years, the amount of cars that can be found on the roads has increased drastically. Almost every state and every city have a certain period when the traffic is jammed. This is usually the time when people go to work (early morning) and the time when people return home from work (late afternoon).

However, there are certain drivers that simply have to be rude and do things that will only make things worse. In California, you can find these drivers everywhere.

Drivers in California are notorious for being extremely rude. Thanks to their gridlocked freeways and constant traffic jams, they are voted as the worst drivers in the United States.

Here is how being rude can affect other drivers and how it can increase your chances of getting involved in a car accident.

Increasing the Tensions

If everyone is stuck in traffic, there is nothing you can do about it. If you think that yelling, showing inappropriate hand gestures or hitting the horn will help you get out of the traffic jam, you guessed wrong.

The only thing that you will do is cause even more chaos. By putting the tension on the driver in front of you, you force them to take off their focus from the road and focus on the things that you are saying. That could easily cause a rear-end collision and cause even greater traffic stop.

Instead of raising the tensions between the drivers, play some music on the radio, roll down your windows and relax while waiting for the traffic to start moving again. It is the best thing that you can do at the time.

If you get hit by another vehicle, you should do the right thing: consult with car crash attorneys in Los Angeles, have your case evaluated and if there is ground for it, file a claim against the negligent driver whose actions caused damage to both you and your vehicle.

5 out of 10 Cities with the worst Drivers are in California

If you are living in Bakersfield, Riverside, San Diego, Sacramento or Los Angeles, the chances are that you have already been in a car accident before. These 5 cities are known nationwide for having extremely rude and aggressive drivers.

It is estimated that for every 17 years of life, you will have at least one car accident if living in California.
Most drivers do not realize that they should not blow off their steam in traffic, and especially on other drivers. It is not the right way to do things, and it can only lead to more aggression and even worse behavior on the road.

If you live in California or are just passing by, and if you happen to find yourself involved in a car accident, consult with our attorneys in Los Angeles. The chances are that the accident was not your fault, and that being said, you may have the right to file a claim against the driver responsible for causing the accident.