Steps To File A Claim Against Truck Driver Or Trucking Company?

San Francisco Truck Accident Lawyers

You have been injured in a truck accident? If so, you may be eligible to file a claim against whoever is responsible for causing the accident. But first things first, you have to determine your eligibility to file a claim. To do so, speak with truck accident lawyers in San Francisco today and receive a free case evaluation.

Once you find out whether you can sue or not, you will be able to proceed to the next step: filing a truck accident claim.

But who do you file a claim against? Will it be against the truck driver, the truck company, or perhaps another party? Or will you file multiple claims? To find the right answers, consult with experienced attorneys as soon as you are able to.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Right after the accident, you should contact your insurance company. This is done for the following reason: in case you are determined to be at fault for causing the accident, you will be able to get compensation from your insurance company. By not contacting your insurance company right away, you will potentially jeopardize your case.

Investigate The Accident

Once you are ready to start working on your case, contact their attorneys and seek their legal help and representation. When hired, out experienced and seasoned legal experts will hire additional experts who will help investigate the accident and recreate the events to determine who caused the accident and who is responsible for all the damages you received.

After collecting enough evidence, your attorney will tell you who is at fault and you will be able to do one of the following:

  • File a claim against the truck driver for reckless behavior
  • File a claim against the truck company for hiring an inexperienced and potentially troublesome driver
  • File a claim against the truck manufacturer company (because of a part malfunction)

If more than one party involved is determined to be at fault, you will be able to file a claim against all of them. Simply ask San Francisco truck accident lawyers to help you file a claim and wait for it to be approved.

Note: claims are not easily approved. You will have to negotiate with the insurance company and find a way to settle. Your case may go to trial, but if your attorney is certain of your victory, do not hesitate to proceed to court.

Having The Right Attorney is Everything

Without having an experienced attorney by your side, you risk losing everything. Play it safe and hire the right attorney for the job. With their help, you will secure compensation for your:

  • Medical bills (current and future ones)
  • Property damage (vehicle repairs)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages and the loss of earning capacity

This is a lot of money, and without it, you will have to struggle with paying your medical bills, which alone could be tens of thousands of dollars.They will help you secure your settlement; give a call today and schedule your free consultation.