Some Tips to Deal With A DUI Checkpoint in Utah

Some Tips to Deal With A DUI Checkpoint in Utah

If you live in Utah, then you are probably familiar with the notorious DUI checkpoints. In the past decade, thousands of people were stopped for a “regular check” or an “investigatory detention” as the officers like to call it, and many were found intoxicated and under the effect of alcohol.

However, even though you may get pulled over, you should still know your rights and enforce them. Here are a few tips that will help you deal with a DUI checkpoint in Utah.

Know The Law

When stopped at a DUI checkpoint, you have the right to remain silent. That means that you can respond to the officer’s questions but you can also refrain from going into any deeper conversation. As long as the officer does not have probable cause to ask you to leave your vehicle and search it, you should be fine. However, some officers may abuse their power and claim that they have probable cause, even though they do not have it. It is your job to recognize the development of the situation and play along. Your constitutional rights still apply in a roadblock situation. Yes, the police can stop you and check your breath for any traces of alcohol, but they may not search you or your vehicle unless you agree to the search. That being said, you are allowed not to answer their questions or admit to breaking the law in any way.

If you are having problems, feel free to contact Salt Lake City DUI Attorneys as soon as you are able to. If the officer broke the law or your constitutional rights at any point while you were stopped at the checkpoint, our attorneys will investigate it and help you regain your freedom, as well as protect you from paying any fines or charges. In addition, if there is enough evidence that the officer did not do his/her job properly, our attorneys can help you file a lawsuit. Call us and schedule your free consultation as soon as you can.

Stay In your Vehicle

If you are not asked to leave your vehicle, we advise you to remain seated. It is in your best interest to collaborate with the police, and while they are conducting the alcohol-test, comply as best as you can. Keep in mind that the police have the right to use sniffing dogs, and if you get nervous around dogs or make them bark, it is likely that you will be asked to leave the vehicle.

As long as there is nothing illegal in your car and your alcohol level is fine, you have nothing to worry about.

Note – you should not try and avoid the DUI checkpoint since the police monitor all the roads leading to the checkpoint.

In case you are arrested at a DUI checkpoint, before you confess anything, consult with DUI Attorneys in Salt Lake City. Do not agree to a plea bargain or anything else before your attorney tells you their opinion. You never know when there may be a few legal options that your attorney could pursue in order to set you free.