Some Steps to Avoid A Bicycle Accident

Some Steps to Avoid A Bicycle Accident

Riding a bicycle is probably the healthiest way of traveling throughout the city. It allows you to move quickly, while at the same time engages your muscles and provides you with a daily dose of workout that your body needs to stay healthy and strong.

However, riding a bicycle can be very dangerous, especially in big cities. Every day, there are dozens of bicycle accidents, and in most cases, the bicyclist ends up hospitalized.

Whether you are the one riding a bicycle, or the one sitting behind the wheel, here are some safety tips that will help you avoid a bicycle accident and stay safe on the road.

Pay Attention To The Traffic

While traveling down the road, it is essential that you pay attention to every traffic sign. If you are cycling through a rush hour, even though it may seem tempting to try and cycle between the vehicles to get ahead, try and cycle on the side of the road. Most drivers do not like it when a cyclist passed between them, as it shows a lack of responsibility and creates unsafe conditions on the road.

If there is a cyclist lane, use it whenever possible. That way, you avoid getting into problems and increase your general safety while on the road.

There will be cases where a car starts driving in the bicycle lane. You will also see cars parked in that very same lane. The best thing you can do is avoid the cars driving in your lane, and call the authorities for those parked inappropriately.

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Maintain a Safe Distance

Always try to stay away from other motor vehicles on the road. If you are behind the wheel and you spot a bicycle near you, check your corners and your blind spots before making a turn. Give the cyclists enough space, and do not tailgate them as it creates pressure and encourages aggressive behavior.

As a cyclist, use proper hand gestures before turning left and right and if possible, always take a quick look behind you before safely making a turn. That way, you will be 100 percent sure that there is no one behind you coming at you at 40 miles an hour.

Intersections Are Dangerous

If you find yourself in the intersection, always use the side of the road. Never cycle in the middle of it, as cars are naturally faster and want to pass the intersection as quickly as possible. Most of the time the drivers will not tolerate you and will start being aggressive towards you and other cyclists.

Remember to stay on the side of the road, pass through the intersection as quickly as possible and move on. In case of an accident, consider hiring the Virginia bicycle accident attorneys at Randall | Page, P.C. to help you deal with your problem. If you are eligible to receive compensation for your damages, our attorneys will help you obtain it in a timely manner.