Some Qualities that a Good Immigration Lawyer Should Have

Some Qualities that a Good Immigration Lawyer Should Have

After breaking the law in any way, as a non-U.S. citizen, you could be facing deportation. At that point, it is in your best interest to try and do everything you can to avoid getting deported.

Once you are deported out of the country, you could receive a permanent entry ban. If that happens, you will not be able to enter the United States ever again, not even as a visiting tourist.

Upon being notified by the court, you should try and get legal help. It is in your best interest to secure the best possible attorney that you can find. Do you have someone in mind? If not, rest assured that our immigration lawyers in Salt Lake City, UT will take care of you and protect your best interests. Call us today and schedule your free initial consultation.

However, if you still want to hire an attorney outside of our officer, here are some qualities that you should look for in an attorney.

Experience Matters

Believe it or not, but besides the achievements and past work, you should always try and determine the attorney’s experience as an immigration attorney. In the past, the attorney may have worked as a different type of attorney, winning all the awards and prestigious achievements. What you want is someone who has the experience and good credentials as an immigration attorney.

Great Reputation and References

Finding an attorney that fits your needs may be more difficult than you think. Often times you will find yourself deciding between several attorneys, all with similar experience and knowledge. How do you decide which one is better than the other? Well, you should start by checking their reputation. You can do this:

  • In-person
  • Online (reading reviews)

Also, it helps if you heard about that specific attorney in the past. Any reference could help you decide which attorney you should hire. Do not rush when choosing an attorney, because that one difference could be the one that saves you from deportation.

Creative Solutions and Good Judgment

A competent immigration attorney always plays on the experience card. They should be able to do a quick research and use their logic to find creative, unique and innovative strategies that will help accomplish their goal. A good immigration attorney will show perseverance and should be well prepared with reasonable arguments and confidence.


You want someone who will answer your emails and your calls, someone that you can count on. If you need legal advice, you need to be able to reach your attorney quickly. That is why it is extremely important to have an attorney who will always have time for you, someone who will be able to answer your calls and emails within minutes. A good and committed attorney will always make time for their clients and create a reasonable working relationship. Be sure to contact our immigration attorneys in Salt Lake City at Familia America Immigration today to receive a free case evaluation and learn how you can protect yourself from getting deported from the country. Our attorneys have time for you and your problems and are always there for you.