Some Causes of Losing Custody Which Parents don’t Know

Some Causes of Losing Custody Which Parents don’t Know

Some divorces can be incredibly messy. We are talking about two people who shared a life together, but got tired of each other and want a way out. For them, the promise of freedom is everything.

Divorces can sometimes last for a few years. They can involve moments of anger, frustration, complications and a lot of tears.

Even when things settle down, there are still some situations and causes that may affect one’s custody. Here are a few things that can cause a parent to lose custody.

Punishing the Kids

Yes, discipline is an important part of parenting, and teaching your kids what is right and what is wrong should be done at an early stage of their life. However, sometimes parents tend to overstep and punish the children severely. These severe punishments involve:

  • Locking them in a room
  • Not allowing them to have dinner or any other meal
  • Hitting the child
  • Dishing out offensive words to berate the child

These unorthodox methods can cause the parent to lose custody over the children. If the other parent finds out, he or she can file an appeal with the court to change the custodial plan. Remember that there is a thin line between discipline and child abuse. Contact Salt Lake City Child Custody Attorney before your divorce is finalized and learn how you can improve your custodial rights and what mistakes you should avoid when your divorce is finalized.

Leaving the Child Home Alone

Some parents have to travel a lot for work and business. Leaving the child alone for a few hours is fine, but leaving it alone for more than a day can cause serious legal problems, especially if you just won a fresh custody battle.

If you have to travel a lot, either take your kid with you or take the kid to the other parent’s home. Of course, call your ex first and see if this is doable. Be sure to explain why you have to do this and that it is in the child’s best interest to spend some quality time with the other parent.

Know that leaving your kid home alone can impact your custodial plan if your ex finds out.

Unsafe Living Conditions

One of the main things that your ex can use against you and take away the custody over the children is related to your living conditions. If your home is unsafe for the children, or not up to the latest standards, your ex may file an appeal and change the custodial plan.

Your kids need to be safe within their home, to have a roof over their head and not be exposed to the elements. If your home was damaged in a flood or an earthquake, be sure to start the reparations as quickly as possible to prevent your ex from taking the custody away from you. Learn how you can do it by speaking with experienced Child Custody Attorneys in Salt Lake City today. The initial consultation is legal, and you can learn everything about child custody and the things that may affect or change it.