How to Ride Motorcycles Safely?

How to Ride Motorcycles Safely?

Motorcycles are known to be more dangerous than cars and trucks because they leave the rider susceptible to the elements. Accidents involving motorcyclists leave riders severely injured more so when they have not taken necessary safety precautions. After an accident contact a Ventura County personal injury attorney to find options and get compensated for your injuries.

There are several ways that you can avoid accidents and sustain the least amount of injuries if involved in an accident :


Wear a Helmet


Motorcycles leave riders more open and in danger during operating. One of the most important safety measures riders can take is to always wear a helmet. If you have the option of purchasing a helmet with a face shield on it, if not ensure you use protective eye wear.Head gear prevents critical head injuries during an accident. Aside from a helmet, there are other forms of protective gear you can use like leather clothing, boots, and gloves. The boots should have nonskid soles. When riding at night attach reflective tape to your clothing. A motorcycle takes up less space on the road and can be difficult to see at night so by attaching reflective tape other motorcyclists will have a higher chance of seeing you before it is too late.


Defensive Riding


Most accidents involving motorcycles are caused by other drivers violating a rider’s right of way. The best way to avoid becoming part of the two-thirds of riders who’s right of way is being violated is to ride defensively. Maintain your headlights and reflective gear on while riding. Be aware of your surrounding by checking for turning vehicles and staying out of blind spots. Even though you can maneuver on faster on a motorcycle, other drivers will still need a heads up to your next move. Let other drivers know what you will be doing by using your turn signals well in advance. Motorcycle riders are encouraged to attend occasional riding courses to freshen up their skills and learn new techniques.


Prepare to Ride


There are many things to do before even mounting your motorcycle to ensure you are riding safely. There are several things you need to check that is in good working order. It is better to find something is wrong with your bike before riding it than while riding it. Riders should check tires for any signs of low tire pressure, cracks or bulges. You will need to check under the bike for leaks, also check the hydraulic and coolant fluids. Riders will also need to check headlights, taillights, signal, mirrors, and brakes. While on the bike test the horn and make sure the clutch, as well as throttle, are working smoothly.


Avoid Impairments


Drinking and driving are dangerous regardless of the vehicle you are riding. Never drink and ride, this can cause more harm than what it’s worth. Riders can be impaired by fatigue, pain, and drowsiness. these can all lower your response time and ability to react. Before riding make sure you are sober, well rested and in your best mind frame to get on the road.