Pre-Existing Injuries Can Affect Injury Claims?

Pre-Existing Injuries Can Affect Injury Claims?

If you find yourself involved in a car accident, you should file a claim with your insurance company and receive compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. However, what happens if you had a pre-existing injury, which now affects your current claim with your insurance company?

There are many cases where pre-existing injuries stand in the way of obtaining compensation for damages received after a car accident. Here is how you can deal with the situation, and why it is important to deal with any pre-existing injury before you file your claim with your insurance company.

Avoid Additional Stress

In order to avoid stressing out additionally because of an injury that was caused months or years ago, seek a doctor right after the accident. That way, you will be inspected for any additional injuries caused by the car accident, and you will have a doctor’s report as evidence that you have sustained new injuries. Be sure to provide your insurer with the doctor’s report and show them that your old injury had nothing to do with the new ones you sustained as a result of a car accident.

Contact Car Accident Attorneys in Pittsburgh if you need additional help convincing the insurance company. An attorneys will do everything in their power to help them understand your situation.

Not Disqualified From Recovering Damages

Just because you have a pre-existing injury, that does not mean that you are not eligible to receive compensation for your new injuries. However, one thing you should know is that it may impact the size of your claim. Your pre-existing injury will definitely be discussed during the negotiations, and the insurance company will try and do everything they can to prove that it was that specific injury that impacted the creation of the new one, not the accident alone. If they are able to prove that, you will lose all chances of receiving compensation for your medical bills.

This is where you are going to need all the legal help you can get. If you contact Pittsburgh Car Accident Attorney ahead of time, you will have the best chance of proving that your pre-existing injury had nothing to do with your new injuries and that you should be compensated accordingly for the new injuries.

Pre-Existing Injury Escalated

The only exception is the situation where the car accident caused your pre-existing injury to grow and evolve, becoming another condition or worsening to the point where you require immediate medical treatment or surgery. This happens quite often, but without an attorney who will be able to explain the origin of your pre-existing injury, the insurance company may just reject your claim and provide a “reasonable” reason for it.

Be ready to defend your medical history and prove that your pre-existing condition has nothing to do your new injuries. If you can prove that, you will easily obtain compensation for any injuries you may have received in the car accident and all the medical bills will be fully paid for by the insurer.