Paralyzed Woman Files Lawsuit Against Uber & Honda

Paralyzed Woman Files Lawsuit Against Uber & Honda

Mobile apps have changed the way we live. Whether it is opening your garage door, ordering a pizza or getting driving directions, there’s an app for just about everything. One of the most popular is Uber. The transportation service is used daily by countless people throughout the nation. But what do you really know about your driver and the vehicle used for your trip? Chances are very little. The consequences can be severe. Recently, a Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against Uber and Honda after she was paralyzed in a crash while riding in the backseat of a Honda Odyssey.

Sarah Milburn never dreamed her life would change forever. After being paralyzed in a car crash, she must now spend the remainder of her life as a quadriplegic. During her fateful trip, her Uber driver Arian Yusufzai ran a red light and crashed into a Ford F-150 pickup truck.  According to a  report conducted by the Dallas Police Department, it was the pickup truck driver that was charged with causing the accident. However, Milburn has filed a lawsuit against Uber, Honda, Yusufzai and Dawood Kohistanti, the owner of the Odyssey. The suit contends both companies failed to provide adequate safety. As a result, her catastrophic injuries will leave her with permanent physical impairments and challenges. Both Yusufzai and Kohistanti were also sued because they also failed to provide adequate safety measures. The suit also contends Kohistanti allowed Yusufzai to drive the van without insurance.

In the past year, Uber has been the subject of media scrutiny over several cases involving the safety of its passengers. The company insists it does not employ drivers with any convictions of crimes that affect passengers, including violent crimes, reckless driving and sex crimes. Although Kohistanti and Yusufzai were both arrested on drug possession and gambling charges, neither conviction affected their screening process. Milburn’s catastrophic injury contends Uber should have placed those arrests into consideration during the hiring process.

Catastrophic Injury vs. Personal Injury

Anytime a person suffers an injury due to the negligence of others, they are entitled to receive compensation to pay for damages, medical care, lost wages and to account for their pain and suffering. However, catastrophic injuries are at a totally different level compared to most personal injury cases. These are injuries that are life altering and permanent. Among the most common catastrophic injuries in Hawaii include paralysis, brain injuries, heart trauma, medical malpractice and failure to treat. When these injuries occur, it is essential to seek legal representation from an experienced Hawaii catastrophic injury that will alway be in your corner.

Why You Need a Hawaii Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

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