Los Angeles Car Accidents: Dos and Don’ts

Los Angeles Car Accidents: Dos and Don’ts

One of the most terrifying things that could happen to you is being hit by a motor vehicle. The experience itself is traumatic, and may cause severe psychological issues. On top of that, you may end up with a serious injury, or develop a life-threatening condition.

The number of motor vehicle accidents in Los Angeles keeps growing every year, and the threat of an accident is becoming real. In addition to keeping both your eyes wide open, you should also expect the unexpected.

If you ever experience this terrifying moment, there are some basic things you should know about what to do and what not to do. Here’s a short list of Dos and Don’ts.


Contact the police

In case of an accident, you have to report the crash and contact the authorities. It is important that you involve the officers of law. You can later use their report to your own benefit, if you decide to pursue the case to trial.

Seek immediate medical attention (if necessary)

In case you ended up with an injury, you should seek medical attention. If you are worried about paying the medical bills, give a call to knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney , they will help you find a skilled doctor who will not charge you until you receive your compensation from the injury.

Exchange contact information with everyone involved in the crash

When you take a moment, take all the important information from all the parties involved in the crash. We are talking about personal information, phone numbers, insurance information, and every other piece of information you may find useful later on. Anything that seems irrelevant at the moment of the accident may become relevant to your case, if you decide to pursue one. Don’t miss anything, and collect as much information as you can.

Hire a lawyer to represent your case

Speak to knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles immediately after the car accident. You are going to need proper legal representation and a lawyer who can fully evaluate your case. Attorneys at JML Law will provide you with an aggressive representation, and do everything in their power to help you receive the highest compensation possible.


Never settle for the initial compensation or offer from the insurance company

Insurance company from the person responsible for the accident may approach you. Do NOT agree to a recorded statement or any form of compensation they may initially offer, without consulting with your attorney first.

Never take NO for an answer!

No matter what everyone else tells you, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the person responsible for the accident. In case he or she denies providing you with personal information, stall them until the police arrive. There are cameras all over Los Angeles, so it will be impossible for them to try and escape the scene. Safety comes first, so don’t do anything to put yourself in danger.

For more information about car accidents and what to do after being involved in one, speak to one of legal professionals. Get in touch through the from today, and schedule your free initial consultation.