Los Angeles: A Most Unsafe Place Or City For Pedestrians

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One of the most unfortunate aspects of living in Los Angeles is the fact that the city is better suited for motor vehicles than for pedestrians. With so many vehicles covering the roads every day, most drivers are unaccustomed to the idea of walking. And thus, those who do enjoy an afternoon stroll often find themselves in danger.

The city’s intersections are usually the deadliest places, especially those located close to a freeway. Here is why Los Angeles is considered among the most dangerous places for pedestrians on the entire West Coast.

The Highest Rate of Death

In the past few years, Los Angeles had among the highest death rate from hit and run and car accidents in the whole country. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most of the accidents occur due to the city having too many vehicles passing through at all time and especially during rush hour.

If you live in the city of Angels, you should be aware of the dangers of being a pedestrian. It is your job to keep your eyes wide open, cross only at the marked crosswalks and always expect the unexpected. San Francisco pedestrian accident attorneys suggest that you always have a good and experienced attorney on your speed dial, as you never know when you might need one.

Everyone Is In A Rush!

Most people in Los Angeles commute using their own car. This means that the city streets are crowded with vehicles. It is only natural that there is always a small percentage of aggressive drivers who are constantly putting pressure on other drivers. In addition, the chances of someone getting distracted are extremely high, which only increases the chances for the accidents to occur.

This does suggest that both drivers and pedestrians are in danger; the first may find themselves in danger more often, while the latter are at greater risk of losing their life if hit by a vehicle.

Who is At Fault?

When the accident happens, it is too late to think about the things that could have happened, and time to focus on who is responsible for causing the accident.

In the majority of cases, it is the driver who is at fault. However, there are many instances where pedestrians crossed the street in dangerous locations or simply walked in the street without paying attention to their surroundings.

One particular group of people who are in constant danger of being hit by a vehicle are intoxicated pedestrians. Los Angeles is known for its night clubs and party life, which only increases the number of intoxicated people walking the streets at night. All it takes is one mistake or one distracted driver, and someone’s life could be gone forever.

Feel free to contact and consult with pedestrian accident attorneys in San Francisco, as they are among the most experienced in the whole state. Call and schedule a free consultation, and learn how you can receive much-needed compensation for your injuries.