The Lighter (and Stranger) Side of Car Accidents

The Lighter (and Stranger) Side of Car Accidents

Slip of the Foot

A man who wanted to renew his driver’s license in Washington State inadvertently crashed into the Department of Licensing (irony at its best!) Officers responding to the call said as the man was parking his car, his foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas pedal. His car then jumped the curb and went more than halfway through the building. No one was injured.

I’ll Take That To Go (Maybe)

An elderly man got his foot stuck on the gas pedal of his car and crashed into a pizzeria. Customers were worried about the man and called 911. Imagine their shock when, from inside the vehicle, the man proceeded to place an order! The driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but witnesses said he seemed to be fine.

The Life-Saving Car Accident

No one wants to be in a car crash, not even a fender bender. But for one lucky man, this car accident saved his life.

A trucker was driving his rig and started choking on a piece of an apple. As he started to blackout, his truck crashed through a concrete barricade. He came to after his chest slammed into the steering wheel and the chunk of apple dislodged from this throat. Police on the scene corroborated the story after finding the piece of apple on the dashboard.

I Stole This Car By Accident

A young woman stole a pickup truck, and upon confirmation with the owners, police gave chase. The chase ended as the woman crashed into the administration offices of the police station. For the police, this was the luckiest car accident.

Car Accident…More Like Car Trash-Cident

A 53-year-old lady kept her car in such a deplorable condition that it caused an accident. The lady had trash piled from the floor to the ceiling, from front to back. As she was backing out of a parking spot, some trash fell onto the gas pedal and she lost control of the car. Three old coffee cups and soda cans were injured during the incident.

She Got Nailed By This Car Accident

Lee Redmond was once known for having the longest fingernails on record – over 28 feet long. That all came to an end when she was ejected from an SUV in 2009. She was hospitalized in serious condition, and her fingernails were damaged beyond repair. The then-68-year-old said she would not grow her nails again, because it took her 30 years to do so the first time around.

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