Learn How To Defend Your Lawful Claims After A Car Collision

Learn How To Defend Your Lawful Claims After A Car Collision

When a car accident in which you are involved occurs, you should not panic. The most important is that you are alive and that help is one the way. In addition, if you are not the one who caused the accident, you will be able to file a claim and seek compensation for your damages.

There are several steps that you should take right after the accident. These steps will help you protect your rights and increase your chances of obtaining the highest compensation possible.

Here is how you can protect your rights and seek a lawful claim after a car collision.

Never Admit Fault

Most car accident victims are usually overwhelmed with different emotions. In those moments, people make mistakes and say or do things that they later regret. If you happen to find yourself in a car accident, do not ever admit guilt. Regardless of how you feel, if you say that you are guilty, you will not be able to seek compensation as you have admitted guilt, and it will be used against you even though you may not have been the one who caused the accident.

You should always consult with an attorney before you say anything to anyone. If you do not have an attorney on speed dial, feel free to call Philadelphia Car Accident Attorneys and receive much-needed legal protection and guidance.

Call The Police

You cannot leave the scene of the accident without calling the police for several reasons:

  • You need a copy of the police report
  • It is the only way to make the accident “official”
  • You need help putting the pieces together, as you have just been injured in an accident

The police officer will speak with all parties involved and collect information on the whole accident. These reports can help your attorney get an insight into what really happened and who actually caused the accident. 

Also, the police will usually arrive with an ambulance, which will take you to the hospital for further inspection and medical assistance. If you do not go to the hospital, you will not have a way of proving that your injuries came from that particular car accident. Also, seek a copy of the doctor’s report as it will also be valuable evidence in your case.

Document The Scene

If you are able to, take pictures of the scene with your phone. If you have a notebook or a piece of paper nearby, write down the essential information about the accident (where it happened, the other party’s car model, color, license plate, driver’s license ID, their personal and contact information, their insurance information, names of all the witnesses and their contact information).

These will help you form a case.

Hire An Attorney

Finally, you should hire an attorney to help you maximize the odds of obtaining compensation for your damages. Consult with Car Accident Attorneys in Philadelphia today and see how much you should expect to receive once your claim is successful. And if you need help filing a claim, their attorneys will gladly help you do it. Do not hesitate to ask for legal help and support.