Is a car driver always responsible for a collision

Is a car driver always responsible for a collision

Every time there is an accident involving a motor vehicle, it is presumed by default that the driver of the vehicle is at fault. However, this is a common disbelief and one that is not always correct.
Most people believe that they are safe to ride a bicycle wherever they want, or drive a motorcycle and move between cars while switching lanes. What they don’t know is that they may be held responsible for causing a collision, regardless of who was involved.
So the question remains: is a car driver always responsible for a collision? Continue reading to find the answer.

It Depends on The Circumstances

Most car accidents and other traffic collisions are treated in the same way; once the investigation is done and the statements are taken, it is up to the attorneys to fight and prove who is at fault. However, it is the court that has the final decision.
However, circumstances surrounding the collision are very important in determining who is at fault. It is not always a car driver who is held responsible, regardless whether the collision involved two motor vehicles or one motor vehicle and one pedestrian or a bicycle. Once it is determined what caused the collision, who broke the law and under what circumstances the collision occurred, the court will be able to bring a decision.

Bicyclists Are Not As Naive as They Seem

Even though they choose to pedal to work and get some workout done in the process, bicyclists are not always the victims they appear to be. Sometimes, it is their negligence that is responsible for the collision. Since most cyclists have the freedom to cruise down the sidewalk and even down the city streets, they abuse it a lot and move between the vehicles in order to get to their destination faster. This can easily cause an accident or a multi-vehicle collision as the cyclist may “appear out of nowhere” in front of a vehicle.
A vehicle accident lawyer Los Angeles advises you to hire an attorney immediately after you have been in a collision, regardless of who is at fault. Only a legal professional may help you prove negligence and help you win the compensation for your injuries.

Wild Pedestrians

Other than cyclists, pedestrians may also be responsible for causing a collision. Did you know that in California, pedestrians are responsible for causing every 4th collision? According to the statistics, they are the ones you should really pay attention to if you are driving in or through Los Angeles.
This is extremely important if you are driving at night. Since LA is famous for its nightclubs and city life, drunk and disoriented pedestrians can be found everywhere. Drive with extreme caution, or take another route around the city if you want to avoid a potential collision. If you find yourself in a car accident, contact a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney immediately and schedule your free initial consultation. If necessary, seek immediate medical attention.