How Will Your Wrongful Termination Adjustment Be Managed?

Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Los Angeles

A wrongful termination claim is one of the most common claims in California. The circumstances are such in every business that sooner or later, someone has to be fired. And when that firing occurs, the person who got fired may file a wrongful termination claim against the employer. This puts everyone in a bad spot and caused additional problems for the business owner. And if the claim is successful, the business owner will have to pay the terminated employee a sum determined by the court. This will also affect the business, as the word will quickly spread that the business owner terminated their employees illegally and for the wrong reasons.

In a nutshell, many things can go wrong and one has to be extremely careful when terminating an employee.

If you lost your job recently, and you believe that your termination was illegal, you have the right to receive evaluation and file a wrongful termination claim. To do so, all you have to do is contact one of our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys and seek legal help and representation. Keep in mind that the initial consultation is free of charge, without any legal obligations.

How Is Wrongful Termination Managed?

Once you receive an evaluation of your case, your attorney will try to determine whether or not your termination was illegal. If your attorney finds enough evidence to prove that your termination was illegal, the claim will most likely be successful. But before you are paid anything, the court will have to determine what exactly you are getting compensated for. Things that are usually taken into consideration are:

  • The number of wages that you lost for not being able to work
  • The amount of health and other benefits that you lost as a result

Once everything is fairly calculated, you will receive substantial compensation and be able to cover your attorney’s fees, as well as have enough to continue with your life. Keep in mind that this does not mean that you will be given back your old working spot. With that in mind, while your claim is processing, you should probably start looking for another job.

Type of Termination

Another factor that could determine your wrongful termination claim is the termination itself and the way it was conducted. How were you fired, and under what conditions?

Were you perhaps discriminated against before you were fired? Did your employer threaten you? Were you not given the wages that you previously earned? Did your employer refuse to give you additional work hours or overtime a few weeks before the termination?

All these factors can impact your wrongful termination claim. Remember that your only option is to follow the law, and to let your attorney do the work for you.

If you do not have an attorney, consult with wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles today, explain your situation and ask for a free case evaluation and a free initial consultation. After that, our attorneys will file a claim on your behalf and engage your ex-employer in a legal battle.