How To Get The Best Compensation For Your Personal Injury in Los Angeles?

How To Get The Best Compensation For Your Personal Injury in Los Angeles?

Accidents happen every day in Los Angeles. No matter who gets involved in them, they are not a beautiful sight to behold. They may not be as traumatizing when seen from far. But what happens when you become part of the unpredictable statistics? Most times, you need a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to figure it all out for you. Whether at work, while driving your vehicle or on someone else’s property, you need someone to intervene and deal with the often not-so-friendly insurance companies or parties legally at fault. You want to maximize your efforts to collect the most compensation possible.


Compensatory damages

These are damages or injuries the victims sustained during the accident for which they may receive compensation. The most common damages include:


  • Emotional distress – This is the psychological impact from the accident. The emotional aspects are as important as they may linger even after the physical damages have been recovered.
  • Deprivation of enjoyment – Sometimes accidents interfere with your routine. Your lifestyle will not be the same because you are not as involved in recreational activities, hobbies, and exercising as you were before. If this is your case, you are entitled to compensation for your enjoyment loss.
  • Loss of income – Chances is you will also miss work and take some time to recover or go to the hospital. If the accident disabled you and you can’t perform the same tasks at work causing loss wages, you may also have a case. It’s possible to recover all these losses with expert advice from a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.
  • The impact on your relationships – This is legally called Loss of Consortium, which refers to how these accidents may cause a rupture in your marriage as you won’t be able to experience intimacy with your spouse like before.
  • Medical expenses – Your medical bills will start to pile up and you may need ongoing treatment for your physical and emotional injuries. Ask your doctor to provide you with an estimate of how much your medical care will cost you and consult your attorney about these issues.
  • Pain and suffering – Your injuries may cause you some pain and discomfort. Whether physical pain or mental suffering, or in some cases grief, anxiety, and disfigurement that causes humiliation, it’s important you consult a Los Angeles personal injury attorney about your options for compensation.
  • Property damage – Depending on where the accident occurred, some items will have significant damage. Whether your vehicle, furniture, clothes, or any other items damaged by a fire, car accident, or defective product, these items will need to be replaced. You will receive loss of use compensation.


Punitive damages

Some cases may involve individuals who didn’t exercise caution and ignored safety standards. Defendants in this category are punished and victims are awarded punitive damages. It protects other people from experiencing similar unsafe scenarios in the future. In vehicle accidents, for example, distracted and drunk drivers are a typical example of the punitive damages category.