How Social Networking policies violate employee rights?

How Social Networking policies violate employee rights?

The majority of people on the planet have some type of social media account. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, these accounts are personal and can be used for pure entertainment or business.

Even though most of these people have no idea how social media works, they post pictures, posts, tweets, videos and share links on a daily basis.

But did you know that some social networking policies can violate your rights as an employee? Here are some reasons that will make you question your social network account’s privacy, and the main reasons why your social media accounts could jeopardize your rights as an employee.

You are Being Watched

Even though you may believe that the only people who can see your posts and read your profile description are your friends, the statistics say otherwise. There are many companies out there that monitor and screen their employees.

What if you have images of you and your friends smoking marijuana, or what if you received an injury and filed for workers compensation benefits, but were tagged in a video playing football with your friends?

All of these things could affect your privacy and your employment rights. You may end up losing your job in the process and getting fired for the wrong reasons. Speak with Wrongful Termination Attorney in Los Angeles CA as soon as you are terminated for something that was on your social media account, which resulted in you losing your job.

Social Media Screening

It is very common for employers in California to screen their employees before hiring them, or checking them regularly while having them employed. However, in California, it is illegal to ask for an employee’s social media screenname.

According to the statistics, about 60 percent of all employers engage in such unlawful social media screening. This is against the law, and against privacy rules.

If you are approached by your employer and asked a specific question about something in your private life, something that your employer could not have known without checking your background and your social media accounts, and if that specific question ends up being the reason for your termination, you should immediately contact a Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorney and seek legal help and representation.

Do not hesitate to ask for help; you may not even be aware of your rights at the time. The initial consultation is free of charge, and you can walk away with precious knowledge.


Social media is an important tool for attracting and spreading your business, but it can also be a way of breaching one’s privacy. If anything you have posted or shared in the past affects your current employment, you should be aware that you may be a victim of wrongful termination. Immediately get in touch with our attorneys and seek their legal representation and help in filing a wrongful termination claim.

In the meantime, be careful of what you post on social media, and know that everything you post CAN and WILL be used against you.