How Pedestrians Protect Themselves From being Hit By Vehicles?

How Pedestrians Protect Themselves From being Hit By Vehicles?

Reckless drivers are a threat to other drivers and everyone else, including pedestrians. They kill hundreds of pedestrians each year. As a pedestrian, you can take some proactive measures to reduce the risk of getting involved in a car accident

By simply being aware of your surroundings at all times, you will drastically increase your safety and reduce the chances of getting hit by a motor vehicle.

Here are some of the ways that you can protect yourself from being hit by a vehicle.

Avoid Distractions

Many things can distract you while walking down the street. One of the main distractions nowadays is your phone. A lot of people will stare at their phones, without realizing where they are or where they are going. They may even start crossing the street without realizing that it is the red light. Some people even bump at each other because they are too busy looking at their phones. As sad as this sounds, it is the reality. 

One way of staying focused is by keeping your phone in your bag or your pocket while walking the street. Avoid using Bluetooth or wifi headphones so that you can hear the traffic around you. Loud music will prevent you from hearing anything around you, and disorient you easily. At the same time, it will reduce your reaction time and prevent you from escaping imminent danger.

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Use Only Marked Crosswalks

Crossing the street is a part of an everyday walk. However, crossing the street can be very dangerous, especially when done improperly. Many people jaywalk and cross the street wherever they want. This is, first of all, against the law, and if an officer spots you, you will be given a ticket.

Second, it is extremely dangerous and it will put you in danger of getting hit by a motor vehicle. By crossing the street at marked crosswalks, you increase your safety while getting to the other side of the street. Use only marked crosswalks, and wait for that green light.

Note: Even though the green light for pedestrians is on, always look left and right as there may be distracted drivers around you. Just because you are crossing at the crosswalk, it does not mean that a car cannot hit you. Stick with the basics: look left and right, and if it is safe to cross, cross the street.

Other things worth mentioning are the type of clothes that you wear: if you are walking at night, wear bright colors or something that reflects the light. That way, you will let the drivers know of your presence. Wearing darker colors at night makes you even harder to spot, and could put you in danger. 

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