Hit And Run Accident With Someone Who Does Not Have Insurance. What To Do?

Hit And Run Accident With Someone Who Does Not Have Insurance. What To Do?

Car accidents occur on a daily basis. Some victims end up with scratches and bruises, while others end up hospitalized, with life-changing injuries. However, some car accidents are different than others. One such example is a hit-and-run accident. When this happens, the owner of the damaged vehicle cannot do much.

If this has happened to you, you should know that you still have a few things that you can do. But first, consult with car accident lawyers in Los Angeles and see if you are eligible to file a claim or a lawsuit against the person (in case they are caught) who damaged your car.

But what if the other person does not have car insurance? Who pays for your damages in that case? Here is everything that you can do if the person who damaged your vehicle has no car insurance.

Contact Your Insurance Company

In every case where your car is damaged, you should always contact your insurance company. Once you notify them of your accident, in case the other party does not have car insurance, you may get compensated for your car repair damages. However, this depends on your car insurance and the type of premiums that you paid for.

In the majority of cases, your premiums should cover for at least your car repairs. Be sure to talk with your insurance representative when renewing your premiums, and ask about these situations and what you can do to ensure that you have enough coverage to repair your vehicle after a hit and run accident.

Filing a Lawsuit

Having no car insurance is illegal in many states across the U.S., California included. Without car insurance, you are vulnerable to lawsuits. So, if the party who damaged your vehicle has no car insurance, you are eligible to file a lawsuit against them and seek greater compensation. At the same time, your insurance company may charge them as well for having to cover for your damages.

Tracking down the person responsible for hitting your vehicle could prove to be rather difficult. In some cases, the police may get involved (only if there is bodily injury), but that is rarely the case. The fact is that most hit and run drivers never actually get caught. So, you should do what you can to help. This involves:

  • Finding any witnesses who saw the accident (there is always someone). If there are video cameras around your area, try and obtain the footage (with the help of your attorney)
  • Write down all the details about the vehicle (in case you saw it happen). This includes license plate number, car type, the colour of the vehicle and the description of the driver
  • Take pictures of the damage. Sometimes, these pictures could help find the driver or locate their vehicle.

Speak with Los Angeles car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg and see what they can do to help you obtain compensation for your damages. Your case may require investigation, and attorneys could help you track down the driver, or help you with the legal procedures after you find the driver. Either way, having an attorney can greatly help your case. Keep that in mind before you do anything on your own.