Elder abuse and Attorney in California

Elder abuse and Attorney in California

Elder abuse has become a prevalent crime in the state of California. Although crimes in this category are prosecuted by selected district attorneys in Los Angeles, a Los Angeles elder abuse and neglect attorney can protect the rights of victims and their loved ones during these difficult times.

California elder abuse laws

There are a variety of crimes covered by elder abuse laws in California. These crimes can include:

  • Physical abuse – That is inflicting pain or injuring the victim.
  • Emotional abuse – When the senior victim is isolated and ridiculed causing mental suffering.
  • Neglect -This is when the victim’s safety and health is threatened by a specific situation.
  • Financial abuse – It generally involves financial fraud against the elderly. From soliciting charitable donations to selling a fraudulent life insurance, senior victims are often taken advantage of through subtle manipulation.

Some specific scenarios of elder abuse in California will include:

  • Withholding medicine from older patients.
  • Sexual molestation against senior citizens.
  • Taking advantage of the elderly’s Social Security benefits.


Whether a felony or a misdemeanor, these offenses are punished by the law. If the crime is prosecuted as a misdemeanor, penalties such as 1 year in a county jail and thousands of dollars in fines will apply. When prosecuted as a felony, the criminal is sent to state jail for up to four years, depending on the severity of the case and particular crime scenario.

Signs of elder abuse

Some of the most common signs of elder abuse include:

  • Change of behavior, grooming, and physical appearance of the elder.
  • Change in bank account activity.
  • Unusual changes in the management of trusts, estate planning, asset transfers, and so on.
  • The caregiver inquiring about the elder patient’s finances.
  • Preventing the victim from interacting with others.

Although there may be other factors contributing to the abuse, these are prevalent signs of elder abuse in Los Angeles you need to look for if you suspect someone has become a victim of elder abuse or neglect.

Report the abuse

With about 1,200 homes in the state of California, nearly 50% of the elder population using these facilities, and one out of three nursing homes expecting life-threatening circumstances, one only wonders what will happen to our elders in the coming years. Many atrocities are reported everyday and the police can only do so much to prevent these crimes. If you have any suspicions of elder abuse, it’s important you report it right away.

Seek experienced legal defense

Victims of elder abuse and neglect can protect their rights with a Los Angeles elder abuse and neglect attorney. You need to explore your legal options and the possibility of financial compensation for all your losses. Our trusted trusted attorney have helped clients across Los Angeles protect their interests. We fight for your rights and seek justice on your behalf. Whatever your circumstances are, a phone call can change your fate. We treat all information with confidentiality and will make sure the offenders pay for all the wrong they have done. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys.