Could My Car Accident Lead To A Lawsuit?

Could My Car Accident Lead To A Lawsuit?

Have you suffered an injury from a recent car accident? If so, the chances are that you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. Do you have any evidence to prove that it was the other party’s negligent actions that caused the accident?

After every car accident, there are different ways in which your case could be resolved:

  • Through an insurance claim
  • By a lawsuit
  • Through a settlement (outside the court)
  • Through court

Consult with auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles to determine where you stand and to receive a free evaluation that will help you make the best choice in terms of getting compensated for your:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

It All Starts With a Claim

After an accident, you want to start your case with a formal “complaint” against the other driver who you believe to be responsible for causing the accident. Once you do that, your attorney will start the investigation in order to determine negligence. 

Once you have that part sorted out, you will be able to start the negotiations with the other party’s insurance company. The chances are that you will be approached by the insurance adjusters, offering you an initial deal. If and when this happens, keep in mind that you should never accept any deal that is not approved by your attorney, especially if it comes from the other party’s insurance company.

These deals are usually very bad, and will not cover for all your damages. In fact, you will not even be able to cover your medical bills in total. And even if you do, you will be left with property damage and no compensation for your lost wages, your pain, and suffering.

In short, speak with your attorney before accepting a deal from the insurance company.

The Negotiations

After filing a claim, the negotiations will start. Your attorney will offer your case to the other party, and they will respond with their offer. This can go back and forth until you have agreed to settle. If you and the other party are unable to settle outside of court, the case may go to trial, in which case the judge will decide the outcome.

Note: If your attorney advises you to go to court, do not hesitate. Do not think about the additional expenses, as everything can be compensated and paid in full by the other party, once your car accident claim is successful.

Try and settle outside of court. It will benefit everyone involved. Try and get a settlement, as it is the only way to get compensated for your damages. A settlement outside of court will save you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Prevent any additional stress
  • From any unwanted surprises

Speak with a Los Angeles car accident lawyers as soon as you are able to, and schedule your free initial consultation to discuss your case, and receive much-needed legal help. As soon as you are ready, our attorneys will take the reins and lead your case to success.