Construction Worker Dead After Crane Accident

Construction Worker Dead After Crane Accident

Working on a construction site has its own hazards. Injuries can happen almost anywhere, and every single step could be your last one. On top of that, working on high altitudes makes things even more dangerous, as you may slip and fall down from a certain height and end up losing your life in an instant.

Other types of dangers that lurk on construction sites are related to tools, equipment, and machinery used to work the site. Some of that machinery involve cranes. Here is how a construction worker can die after a crane accident.

Hard to Climb On

First things first, cranes are usually very tall, sometimes as tall as the building itself, if not even taller. The only way for the crane operator to get inside the control room is to climb the ladder all the way up. These ladders are attached to the side of the crane, and the only thing separating you from a certain death are the safety handles places next to your back. It is like climbing through a tunnel, with up and down being the only way to go.

Reaching the top is only the first step. It is very common for a crane operator to have to inspect the crane and walk on its edges. At that height, a slight breeze could send a man falling down, a lack of focus or a simple slipping accident. That is why it is extremely dangerous to work as a crane operator, especially during cold or extreme weather conditions where the rain and ice add an extra slippery layer over the metal bars.

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Losing Balance

Cranes are designed to carry a lot of weight. However, there have been countless cases where the crane simply snapped and fell to the ground. Whoever was on it or near it ended up losing their lives or suffered a serious injury. This is the second danger presented by the crane, and even though many call it a very stable machinery, it does not appear to be so.

Also, while carrying a significant load from one place to the other, the chains may snap and the load can fall down, hitting and killing anyone beneath it at that time.

These accidents usually end up with someone dying or in the best case scenario, losing one or both limbs. Crane injuries are very rare, but when they happen, lives are lost. This is why everyone should be extremely careful around them. If you were injured, or your loved one was injured or killed in a crane accident, call today our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorney immediately and seek their legal help in obtaining the benefits you deserve. Do it quick, as you only have a certain amount of time to report the injury and collect the benefits.