Common Types of Sexual Harassment in Office Holiday Parties

Whether it is the end of the year or mid-spring, holidays are the reason to throw a big celebration. It is a great opportunity to create bonds between the coworkers and to mend any existing “wounds”. However, parties can easily get out of control, and before you know it, someone files a sexual harassment claim.

It is no secret that every year, millions of women are victims of sexual harassment at the workplace. Here are the common types of sexual harassment in office holiday parties.

Unwelcomed Touching

After a few drinks, people tend to get “too friendly”. This involves hugging, touching and any unwelcomed and unwanted greeting (such as kissing in the cheek). When someone becomes too physical and too touchy, it is considered sexual harassment. One such example is constant hugging or forcing a kiss under the mistletoe.

If you believe that you were a victim of sexual harassment and want to do something about it, the Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorneys will gladly investigate your case and help you file a claim against the person who harassed you. Feel free to contact them as soon as it happens so that they can help you deal with it and start the process as soon as possible in order to prevent any future acts of sexual harassment.

Inappropriate Gifts

Some people simply cannot control themselves and will do everything to gain other’s attention. It includes doing something stupid as gifting an “inappropriate gift”, usually of sexual nature. If the other party is not interested, it could be viewed as sexual harassment. If this happened to you, it is important that you act in the right way, refusing the gift and at the same time, letting the person know that you are not interested and that you are feeling harassed. If that does not make them stop, you have the right to file a sexual harassment claim.

Playing Uncomfortable Party Games

Just like back in the teenage days, games are a way of breaking the ice and at the same time, expressing your emotions and sexual tensions. Party games can easily get out of control, especially after a few drinks. Some games can be more uncomfortable than others, especially if you are married, in a relationship or simply not interested. These games involve:

  • Truth or dare
  • Spin the bottle
  • Twister
  • Never have I ever (with drinking shots)

Keep in mind that if it is your employer who proposed these games, you have the right to file a sexual harassment claim against your employer and everyone else who “forced you” to play or do anything that you do not find comfortable.

Contact and consult with Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Los Angeles and explain what happened. They will help you file a claim as well as protect you against any future harassment. Be quick, as you may be harassed again if you are not quick enough with your claim. Take it seriously and understand that whoever did it once, will most likely do it again