Most Common Damages and Injuries in Car Accident

Most Common Damages and Injuries in Car Accident

Did you know that each year in the United States, the economic costs of car accidents equal up to $900 per person?

While there may be different types of car accidents, there are some common injuries that occur in the majority of them. Listed below are the most common injuries and damages one may sustain during a car accident.

*Note that this information is based on the entire US, not just one state.*

Back and Head Injuries

Driving at high speed is risky enough, as you slowly start losing control of your vehicle. Any sudden motion and you will end up in a car accident. As all passengers inside a vehicle are seated and wearing a seatbelt, the most common injuries are the ones involving the back and the head.

Even when wearing a seatbelt, if the speed of the vehicle is high, you will end up hitting the seat in front of you, or in case you are driving, your steering wheel. These injuries can be anywhere from a simple scratch to a serious traumatic brain injury, ranging from a mild injury to infinite coma. After such injuries, extensive medical treatment is required and the injured person may never be the same. Most common consequences of such injuries are hearing loss, skull fractures, and impaired vision.

In addition to head injuries, any damage done to the spinal cord can cause nerve damage. This may lead to paralysis (partial or total), numbness and tingling sensation, muscle weakness, and pain. Consulting with a medical professional right after the injury is mandatory!

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Whiplash and Chest Injuries

The most common car accident injury is probably whiplash. Any sudden movement of the neck and head can cause serious neck muscle and ligament damages. Some patients even ended up with permanent vocal cords paralysis. Swelling around your neck and constant pain are something to expect after an accident.

Broken ribs or internal bleeding are also very common with high-speed car accidents. People who previously had heart problems (or still do) may end up with traumatic cardiac arrest. Also, there are damages to internal organs, the pelvis, and the abdomen.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Even those with slight physical injuries end up in shock and may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Psychological injuries are treated as severe, as they may ruin a person’s life in more than one way. You may be unable to return to work or perform other common activities you used to do on a regular daily basis.

This is why it is essential to speak with Salt Lake City Car Accident Attorneys immediately after the accident. They will help you receive a settlement for the damages done and will help you receive fully paid medical costs. Without an attorney, you may be left with infinite hospital bills and a life you never wanted.