Can an Attorney Still Defend My Case If I Admit the Fault?

Can an Attorney Still Defend My Case If I Admit the Fault?

Many people struggle to provide food for their families. Sometimes, having a job simply won’t cut it. Due to a few mistakes in the past, you could be facing monthly mortgage, loans, credit and be left with nothing. For that reason, many individuals turn towards criminal behavior.

In California, everyone has the right to the same and equal treatment. Even after being involved in a criminal activity, you are not guilty until proven otherwise.

This is where the attorneys play a vital role. If they are able to find evidence that will set you free or justify your behavior before the judge, you will be free to go. However, once you admit fault, depending on who talked to, you may be in a big trouble.

Admitting Fault To Your Attorney

Even if you are guilty, you may turn to your attorney for help. If you don’t have an attorney, consider getting in touch with one of our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys. It is their job to help represent you and your best interests, and find a way to free you from any charges. When talking with an attorney, you have to be 100 percent honest. This means that if you are guilty, you should admit it. Once you do so, your attorney will evaluate your case and tell you what your best option is. Sometimes, the best option won’t necessarily mean freedom, but perhaps less time in jail or a parole with community work time. Even house arrest may come into play. Again, you won’t know your options until you speak with one of our attorneys. We suggest you do it as quickly as possible before you are completely out of options.

It Is Never a Good Option

Every legal expert will advise you not to admit any guilt after an accident or a criminal activity that you were involved in. It doesn’t matter what you did, if you say that you are guilty or that you want to take responsibilities for your actions, it will be used against you in the court of law. And once you say it out loud, there is no going back. Not even the most experienced attorney can help you.

For that reason, you should never admit guilt. The best option is to remain quiet, and speak only when asked. Ask to see your attorney and get in touch with our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles as quickly as possible.

The thing is, even after admitting guilt to your attorney, that doesn’t mean that you did it. From an attorney’s point of view, the defendant may as well be trying to take the rap for someone else he/she wants to protect. Perhaps you were not fully guilty of a crime even though to you, it looked like you were the one responsible. Let one of our available attorneys get to the bottom of it and craft you the best defense possible.