Being Investigated Regarding Your Involvement In A Federal Crime?

Los Angeles federal crime attorney

You woke up this morning, and someone knocked on your door. You opened, only to find out that you are being served with a target letter. What do you do next?

This is something that could happen to anyone. If you are involved in a federal crime, or if the authorities have reasons to believe that you are involved, it is only a matter of time before you will be under investigation.

Here is what you should do when that happens.

You MUST Get An Attorney Right Away

The moment you receive a “target letter” from the United States Department of Justice or a U.S. Attorney’s Office, you should immediately consult with a federal crime attorney. If you have no idea who to call, consider giving federal crime attorneys in Los Angeles a call.

You are being investigated for possible involvement in a federal crime, and you will need all the help that you can get. Start by talking with an attorney, and finding out what is going on, how you can deal with the situation and what are your rights.

A Target or a Subject?

Two types of people can receive a target letter: those who are believed to be subjects of the investigation, and those who are considered to be targets of the investigation.

There is a difference in the type of letter that you can receive:

  • A target of a grand jury investigation – if you are considered a target of the investigation, you are believed to be directly connected to the commission of a crime.
  • A subject of a grand jury investigation – you are believed to have information that could be helpful for the investigation, and your conduct falls “within the scope of the grand jury investigation”

As a target, you will be indicted for all the federal and financial offenses for which you have been an investigation. Note that these are not final and that your defense attorney can persuade the prosecutor to consider you a witness rather than a target (or could help close the case entirely).

The Letter contains all the essential information that you should know. It will advise you of the alleged crimes being investigated by the DOJ and the grand jury, as well as advise you not to destroy or alter any evidence that may relate to those federal crimes. In addition, the letter will inform you that you have the right to refuse to answer any questions that you believe are incriminating.

You Need An Attorney

At this point, your only “way out” is with a skilled and seasoned federal defense attorney. contact experienced federal crime attorneys in Los Angeles today as it is in your best interests. attorneys will ensure that your legal rights are protected, and will do everything in their power to either release you from all the charges or reduce your penalty to a minimum one. attorneys are your only chance; do not risk it, or face severe consequences which could include time or life in prison.