Are Social Media Apps Responsible for Today’s Distracted Driving Accident?

Are Social Media Apps Responsible for Today’s Distracted Driving Accident?

Most car accidents happen as a result of a distraction. Whether one of the drivers got lost in their thoughts, stared at the billboard or the side of the road for too long, or used their smartphone, the outcome is the same. Once the accident happens, it is too late to go back and reverse things.

Lately, smartphones have been present in almost 80 percent of all car accidents. We cannot blame them for “causing the accident”, but they did contribute to the accident. Using a smartphone app while driving can be fatal, and have life-changing consequences for everyone involved in the accident.

Here is how social media apps can be responsible for today’s distracted driving accidents.

They Require The Driver’s Attention

While driving, it is a general rule to keep both of your hands on the wheel. However, some people held only one hand on the wheel while holding their phone with the other hand. Okay, they are experienced enough and can steer with one hand, but that is not the case. The driver is not only holding the phone but is also using it and looking at it all the time, barely checking the road ahead and the surrounding traffic. Whether the driver is recording a video of themselves, or sending a voice message, or capturing a selfie, he or she is not paying attention to the road ahead.

Apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Viber take too much of one’s attention and require at least one hand to use. However, when a person’s look focuses on the message rather than the road ahead, accidents occur. And when they do, lives change.

If you were involved in a car accident recently, speak with the Virginia car accident attorney. Maybe the other party was distracted at the time of the accident; if so, you will be eligible to obtain compensation for your damages.

Making A Call

Almost all of the social media apps have the “call” option, which allows the user to get in touch with another user, using only the Internet (wifi or Data). However, talking via an app is the same thing as talking regularly: it still requires you to speak with the person while driving. Once again, you may focus on the conversation rather than the actual road, and put yourself and others in real danger.

If you are pulled over for talking on your phone, you will face serious fines and maybe even end up losing your driver’s license if that was not your first time getting pulled over.

Taking Pictures

Me people like sharing stories on Instagram multiple times a day. However, doing it while driving is not a good idea. If you take out your phone to try and record yourself while driving or take a picture, you risk getting involved in a car accident. The chances are that you will not see a pedestrian trying to cross the street or the bicyclist on the right side of your car. And once you cause an accident, it is too late to apologize.

A car accident attorney in Virginia advises you not to use your phone while driving. If it is an emergency, pull over and make the call, otherwise, refrain from using it. This free advice could help you save lives.