The Alarming Rise of Utah Domestic Violence Cases in December

The Alarming Rise of Utah Domestic Violence Cases in December

The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Unfortunately, this past month has turned into one of the most violent in Utah–particularly in cases involving domestic violence. From Salt Lake City to Layton, it is a troubling trend that has police and domestic violence experts throughout the state speaking out. According to Jenn Oxborrow, spokesperson for the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, more than 30 people a year are killed by their spouse or intimate partner throughout the state. More than 80 children witness these violent acts. That number is expected to rise this year after a month plagued with numerous senseless domestic violence cases. Here are some of the most notable.

  • December 4:  An estranged husband in American Fork shot and killed his wife after violating a protective order placed against him. The man later died after a confrontation with police.  
  • December 24:  An estranged husband shoots his wife in a convenience store.
  • December 29:  Richard Peralta shot and killed his wife Katie Peralta after she left work at a medical facility in Research Park. Richard Peralta then turned the gun on himself. She was planning to file divorce.

Utah has a low murder rate when compared to the rest of the nation. However, the connection between domestic violence and homicide is very high. According to Oxborrow, more than 50 percent of murders in Utah have some connection to domestic violence. Salt Lake City has among the highest rates. The sad reality is many of these deaths could have been prevented.

The Importance of Protective Orders

The first step towards stopping domestic violence is to ask for help. Many people are afraid to call the police. But it is important to understand that local law enforcement will respond to your call. But there are other legal measures that can be used to prevent any further harm to you and your children. One of the most effective is obtaining a protective order. Protective orders, including a restraining order, can be obtained with help from a domestic violence attorney. These highly trained legal professionals can petition the court on the victim’s behalf to quickly establish a restraining order designed to prevent the abusive party from maintaining any contact with the victim. Protective orders also allow law enforcement officers to remove the abusive party from the victim’s home.

Overcoming The Victim Mentality

One of the unfortunate characteristics among domestic violence victims is the idea they are to blame for the abuse. Nobody deserves to live in an environment where they must constantly worry about their partner causing bodily harm. Another misconception is that only women are domestic violence victims. Some of the worst cases also include men who are abused by their wives and partners. Many times, men tend to avoid asking for assistance out of fear or even embarrassment.

A Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Can Help

Nobody should have to live in constant fear of their partner. One of the best solutions is to seek representation from a Salt Lake City divorce attorney that can provide effective legal solutions to resolve your issues. An attorney can prepare important paperwork to create the appropriate protective orders needed to keep their clients and children safe from an abusive partner. They can also provide valuable legal resources to ensure the victim’s rights are protected. To learn more on how a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney can help, contact the law offices of Emy A. Cordano and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.