7 Reasons Why You Should Not Accept Fault When A Car Accident Occurs

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Accept Fault When A Car Accident Occurs

Following a car accident, there are many things that you can do to speed up the investigation process and improve your chances of obtaining compensation for your injuries. But none of those things involves admitting guilt.

Even if your negligence caused the accident, you should never come up and say “I’m sorry, it was my fault”.

There are many reasons why you should never admit guilt after an accident. Listed below are the 7 most important reasons why you should always keep quiet about the accident and blame.

You, Will, Lose It All

If you at any point during the investigation or right after the accident say that you are responsible for causing the accident, the other party’s insurance company will use that against you. This means that you will lose your compensation and face legal consequences.

Your Claim Will Become Invalid

If you filed a claim and accepted guilt at any point, your claim will immediately become invalidated. Even if you were so close to getting the compensation that you deserve, that one acceptance of blame could take it all away from you.

A Burden On your Consciousness

Many people accept blame simply because their consciousness is burdened after an accident. In those few hours or days after the accident, it is important to talk only to your attorney and no one else. You may feel partial or even complete responsibility, even if that may not be true. And in such condition, you may say things that do not make any sense or accept blame that is not yours to accept just because you are feeling guilty. Pittsburgh Car Accident Attorneys advise you to remain calm and to think twice before you act. If you need help or legal guidance, feel free to give our attorneys a call.

You, Will, Lose Your Medical Coverage

Once the bills start piling up, without being able to work and while still recovering after an injury, you will be faced with many problems. The main one will be your medical and hospital bills. Without compensation, you will not be able to pay for everything. And since you won’t be making any money soon, it will be hard for you and your family to move on.

There Is No Going Back

Once you say that it was your fault for causing the accident, there is nothing that you can do to change that statement. If recorded or heard by someone who can testify, you will have no chance of repairing the damage done.

Say Goodbye To Your Wages and Work

While unable to work, you will continue to lose wages that can be only recovered through compensation. If you are unable to return to work after recovery, you will be forced to look for another job.

The only way to avoid all of this is to remain calm and not admit any guilt. That way, you will have a chance of recovering your lost wages and keeping your job.

Your Life Will Change

If you accept guilt, you may even face prison or jail time depending on how serious the injury was. Your life may change completely for the worse. That means no more time with the family, no more daily routines, no more freedom.

Contact with Car Accident Attorneys in Pittsburgh right after the accident and ask for legal protection and representation. They will speak on your behalf and protect you from every unpleasant scenario.