40% of Los Angeles Workers Plan to Look for a New Job This Year, Could It Be Due to Work-Related Stress Injuries?

40% of Los Angeles Workers Plan to Look for a New Job This Year, Could It Be Due to Work-Related Stress Injuries?

We all know that work isn’t supposed to be fun, but it shouldn’t be actively damaging your health either. If your “new year, new me” resolutions include finding a new job, you’re not alone. In fact, Los Angeles residents are more likely to be looking for a new job than anyone else in the United States, with around 40% of professionals in the area professing a plan to look for a new job in 2018. There can be many reasons for changing jobs, including career progression, moving to a new area, or corporate restructuring, but, we wonder, how many of the 40% are looking to change jobs due to work-related stress injuries?

Work Related Stress Injuries in Los Angeles

When you think of work related injuries, it’s likely that images of broken bones, falling objects and fingers trapped in machinery come to mind, but injuries aren’t limited to those that involve physical pain. Work-related stress injuries are a big problem in Los Angeles, and across the United States in general, and this looks set to increase further as today’s fast-paced world becomes even more pressured. Modern technology has many advantages, but the expectation of being contactable at all times certainly contributes to work-related stress.

If you’ve been feeling pressurized into constantly producing more and fitting more into an already hectic working schedule, to the point where you start to feel anxious, depressed, or otherwise unwell, you could be experiencing work-related stress. The physical and mental fatigue that can go hand in hand with workplace stress may become debilitating, having a negative effect on all aspects of your life. Perhaps your relationship with your partner has become strained, or you’re struggling to find space to spend quality time with your kids. However, stress is manifesting itself within you, work-related stress injuries are common and can be just as serious as visible physical pain.

Can a Los Angeles Work-Related Stress Injury Attorney Help You?

One of the major advantages of having an experienced work related stress injury attorney Los Angeles fighting your corner is that you avoid adding to your stress further by single-handedly taking on the complexities of your case. As many workers compensation claims relating to stress-related injuries involve a very demanding burden of proof, an inexperienced lawyer, or an employee attempting to represent themselves, more than likely won’t get the best possible results.

Failing to recover the full costs of your medical bills, damages and lost wages caused by your work-related stress injury won’t do much to ease the pressure you’re feeling, so don’t risk potentially making things worse when there’s help at hand. Our Los Angeles work-related stress injury attorneys will start to work on your case from your initial consultation, collating evidence and doing our utmost to help you smoothly through the entire process.

A problem shared is a problem solved, so call us today on 818-609-7005 to reap the rewards of having an experienced work-related stress injury attorney on your side.